It is time to realize that we have a cultural problem with the attitudes regarding firearms and that times have changed from the 18th century to our present times. Democracy in America is an established, albeit imperfect union of states with a history of checks and balances. Our bill of rights is always being challenged, but remains our foundation. We need not fear government tyranny at this point given the multitude of organizations, political parties and social media from being taken over by a select few when it comes to our right to own a firearm.

I am a long-term NRA member and believe in the stand for individual freedom; this organization has held the line on confiscation of our arms. However, with the continued slaughter of innocent people, mostly by young white men, it is time for common-sense legislation that maintains the right to own individual firearms and at the same time, regulating more fully who can own them and what type should be allowed in the name of public safety. There is no reason for the ordinary citizen to own high-capacity magazines or buy firearms without a background check.

There is more that may be more regulation needed if more citizens give in to even more violence, but a few small steps need be made now by both parties to stem some of the gun-related deaths of innocent people.


Dana Sturtevant