You choose: Let’s suppose both Presidents A and B publicly misinterpreted a potential wind velocities map from the National Weather Service for a hurricane direction map from the same source.

When corrected by the Alabama branch of the NWS that Alabama was not under direct hurricane threat, President A joked, “Thank goodness I was wrong. I hope I make the same mistake all up and down the eastern seaboard! And I want to thank the fine professionals of our National Weather Service who work around the clock to provide us with accurate and life-saving information. God bless you!”

President B however, said that he was not wrong, and that the media was out to get him. To prove his point, he pulled out a doctored hurricane cone map, and made the weather all about himself and not about the millions of Americans under actual threat, until he finally convinced an appointed member of his administration to contradict their own weather experts — who were proved correct — in order to salve the ego of President B.

You choose. Who do you want for president?


Dennis Perkins