Residents of Canaan, Mercer, Norridgewock, Skowhegan and Smithfield voted to approve a $750,000 bond to pay for renovations to Skowhegan Area High School on Tuesday.

The results were Canaan, 99 yes to 92 no; Mercer, 59 yes to 39 no; Norridgewock, 170 yes to 116 no; Skowhegan, 473 yes to 214 no; Smithfield 103 yes to 39 no. MSAD 54 also serves the town of Cornville, but results from that town have yet to be received.

A public hearing on the project was held on Oct. 3 detailing the specifics of the plan. The project is expected cost $950,000. The $750,000 bond voters were asked to approve will be supplemented by a $100,000 donation from New Balance and $100,000 from school savings. The district aims to rebuild the track and soccer field and improve the bathrooms in the lobby and the seating and flooring in the auditorium of the district’s high school.

The high school track is not used for competitions because of its current condition, school officials said at the October meeting. Improvements to the soccer field include the addition of an irrigation system to save on long-term labor costs.

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