This old town garage in Bryant Park could become a Fox News studio for Fox host Tucker Carlson. File photo

WOODSTOCK — It’s not clear whether Fox News host Tucker Carlson still plans to create a television studio in the old town garage, but residents have done what they can to clear the way.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson bought an old town garage in Woodstock for $30,000 after town residents approved the sale on Tuesday. AP file photo

After Carlson proclaimed last March that the project was dead because the Sun Journal publicized his plans, residents went ahead and agreed to sell him the garage for $30,000 — and he bought it.

At a special meeting Tuesday that lasted 10 minutes, The Bethel Citizen reported, half a dozen residents showed up to endorse the transfer of a third of an acre beside the building to him as well, along with easements for water and sewer lines, access to the building and some parking.

The sale last spring had left out the property beside the building because the necessary surveys had not yet been done.

Carlson, a longtime summer resident of the town, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Carlson has rented a small space in the basement of the town library in recent years, not far from his vacation home, that he used occasionally for a makeshift studio.


He told the town last winter that he wanted to buy the vacant garage next door so he could transform it into what he called “the northernmost bureau of Fox News” and create a studio big enough to allow a small audience.

Shortly before the town meeting where the proposed sale was expected to pass, the Sun Journal reported on the matter coming before voters and Carlson’s plans. Within hours, Tucker told the newspaper he had to pull the plug because of the publicity. He declared himself crushed, bitter and disappointed.

Before he declared the project dead, Carlson had told the town he would “be responsible for buying and repairing the building” and installing “an advanced, broadcast-level studio” in it. He said he planned to “replace broken clapboards and repaint the building in the same green and white colors. I’d also upgrade the septic system, which it shares with the library.”

In the months since, the town purchased the shuttered Franklin Grange building next door to the garage in Bryant Pond village, a spot Carlson declared “my favorite place in the world.” It is not clear what the town plans to do with the Grange building.

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