In his recent letter to the editor (“Mainstream media ignores the facts,” Dec. 10), John Hopkins accuses the media of being corrupt for, among other reasons I imagine, “turning a blind eye to our president’s allegation that Joe Biden demand Ukraine stop investigating his son for corruption or risk losing U.S. aid.”

Actually, there is a good reason why the media has ignored this allegation. It is the same reason why dentists give short shrift to tales of the tooth fairy; that is, because it is a figment of the imagination. In other words, the allegation is demonstrably false.

Mr. Hopkins also asserts that “the Democratic media propaganda machine has been trying to overthrow our duly-elected president by hook or by crook since Day One.” Democrats have certainly not attempted to overthrow Trump, since he is not a monarch. Or is he?

And I understand what the hook is. Duly-elected Democrats in the House of Representatives have used powers articulated and granted to them in the Constitution to provide executive-branch oversight and to initiate impeachment proceedings. So exactly what – or who – is the crook?

Finally, Day One should be a reference to the Book of Genesis, surely not the hurly burly of a presidential administration.


Galin Elias Franklin


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