Interior of LaundrYup! in Biddeford. Photo by Aimsel Ponti

Once again, Biddeford has proven itself to be one of my favorite places. The latest example is a spot that opened in October where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, coffee drinks, mocktails, gelato, all-day snacks and, yes, coin-op laundry. LaundrYup! has every right to include an exclamation point as part of its name because it’s a wonderful, unique business on the corner of Hill and Pool streets that makes a strata that’s so good, I told the chef he could be charging more for it.

On the second to last day of 2019, I drove from a doctor’s appointment through an unpleasant mix of snow and freezing rain for a midmorning breakfast at LaundrYup! I sat down at the gorgeously tiled counter and decided to try to improve my day with what would hopefully be a delicious breakfast. Boy, did I.

LaundrYup! is cheery and welcoming, its location on a street corner allowing for many windows and natural light. There’s a large community table and one or two smaller tables, but the centerpiece is the large square counter where I plunked myself down and immediately tucked into a rare second cup of coffee, which was fresh, hot and hit the spot.

I set my sites on the breakfast menu while also promising myself to make a return trip to order from the all-day menu because the classic Italian, chicken salad and avocado, and chicken Florentine panini all caught my eye, as did the pasta e fagioli soup. You’re never going to make a kale lover out of me, but I know many of you are all about it, so let it be known that LaundrYup! offers an arugula, baby spinach and kale salad.

Smashed avocado toast from LaundrYup! Photo by Aimsel Ponti

I decided to order two things from the menu, lying to myself and my server when I stated my intention to take one of them home. First up was the smashed avocado toast ($4). I ordered mine on the thick-cut multi-grain toast, and it arrived a few minutes later dusted with paprika. It was the best avocado toast I’d ever had.

Next came the house strata. It’s an egg casserole with sausage, sweet pepper and onion ($6). Little did I know it would come covered in a hearty red sauce. My Italian eyes lit up with this unexpected bonus ingredient. Every bite was succulent and, for the several minutes it took for me to polish off the huge slice, I wasn’t thinking about anything else.

Toward the end of my visit, a man appeared from the kitchen whom I recognized as the chef from the LaundrYup!’s Facebook page. I called over to him, “Hey, are you the guy that made this strata?” He happily admitted that indeed he was. Turns out the owners were also there, and I did pry out of them that they’re working on getting a liquor license. The thought of enjoying a glass of Prosecco with just about anything on their menu made me almost break out in applause.

Also, a quick shout out to the Bambini (kids) menu with things like banana cereal sticks and Italian Bento boxes.

By the way, the laundromat part of the cafe is clean with huge, antique wooden tables for folding and about a half dozen washers and as many dryers. If you’re short on time, you can drop off your laundry and have it done for you. LaundrYup! has a lot going for it.

Strata from LaundrYup! Photo by Aimsel Ponti

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