Anyone reading of the terrible ordeal that hit-and-run survivor Jason Stratton is enduring will surely feel a deep sympathy for his plight. The paper’s recent article informs us that while walking on a road in Lewiston in the early morning, he was hit “when a vehicle ran over him from behind and left the scene.”

I have written several letters about the danger of being hit from behind, and I feel it is my obligation to point out yet again that such a calamity usually occurs when a pedestrian is walking on the right — that is, the wrong — side of the road. I was firmly taught as a child that one must walk on the left, facing the oncoming traffic. I see people pushing baby carriages, I see couples jogging side by side, I see groups all walking on the right, oblivious to my bearing down on them from behind. I get a chill.

There are drunks, tweeters, radio fiddlers, burger munchers, phone callers, drivers who are reaching over into the back seat for some reason — and it only takes one to run you down from behind.

Please do walk on the left side of the road and keep watch on the oncoming traffic.


Abbott  Meader


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