AUGUSTA — Two local residents were indicted last week on 25 counts each of sexual crimes against a child who was less than 12 years old.

Most of the charges are sexual exploitation of a minor and allegedly involve photographs taken of the victim engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

Jessica E. Cox

Jared D. Jandreau, 35, of China, and Jessica E. Cox, 31, of Augusta, were indicted Friday by a Kennebec County grand jury on 20 counts each of sexual exploitation of a minor, and five counts each of unlawful sexual contact. Cox is also known as Jessica McGuire, according to the indictment.

The sexual exploitation of a minor charges each allege both suspects “knowing or intending the conduct would be photographed, did intentionally or knowingly employ, solicit, entice, persuade, use, compel, or induce by any threat” the victim, who was under the age of 12, to engage in sexually explicit conduct.

An indictment is not a determination of guilt, but it indicates that there is enough evidence to proceed with formal charges and a trial.

Evidence of the alleged criminal activity was found on Jandreau’s phone, according to Marc Malon, legislative and press liaison for the state attorney general’s office. He said Jandreau requested images, and Cox took them and sent them to him.


In addition to the 25 counts against both suspects, Jandreau is also charged with a 26th count, criminal solicitation to commit a gross sexual assault.

Malon said that charge is based on Jandreau requesting to have Cox engage in a sexual act with a minor who was under the age of 14, but who was not the same victim associated with the other charges.

The sexual exploitation of a minor charges against both suspects are class A felonies, punishable by up to 30 years in prison. The unlawful sexual contact charges, which allege the suspects intentionally subjected the same victim to sexual contact, are punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Jared D. Jandreau

Jandreau was arrested on a warrant Saturday by Maine State Police in Bowdoin and taken to Kennebec County jail, where he was released after making bail, which had been set at $1,000 cash.

Cox was arrested Friday by Augusta police and also taken to the county jail where she was released on the same amount of bail.

All of the incidents are alleged to have occurred in August 2017 in Kennebec County.




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