This is in reference to the recent untimely loss of someone I considered more than a close friend, more like an adopted sister, Susan T. Gagne. She should get some sort of medal for her devoted work at the Department of Veterans Affairs at Togus for more than 25 years. Her mom would gladly accept such a medal for her. Susan was only 59.

Once, while I was looking for another apartment, she allowed me to stay at her camp on Togus Pond. One day, her neighbor was selling a small sailboat that she was interested in. Since her fiance Mike wasn’t interested in going with her to try it out, I agreed to make the attempt. It was windy so I told Sue we should put the sail down and just row out a ways. Then we put the sail back up and tried to navigate – even with the oar, we went in circles. Mike, who was on the second floor deck, must have laughed and laughed. She didn’t buy the boat.

That’s just a good memory of a dear friend who is no longer with us. A Mass of Christian burial will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 1, at St. Augustine Catholic Church, Augusta. She will be remembered by many who knew her as a good-hearted soul who is definitely on her way to Heaven.


Andre Beaudoin


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