The ice disc that formed in the Great Eddy of the Kennebec River along U.S. Route 2 in Skowhegan drew plenty of attention while it lasted, but also provided inspiration for a yoga instructor and her students from their perch overlooking the scene.

The disc formed when frigid conditions settled in mid January and the water’s current helped shape it. Local resident Mark Nickerson who, with his wife Lidi Jiang, lives on Parkman Hill Road in a house overlooking the river, said he hadn’t seen an ice disc in the 25 years he had been living there. The disc disappeared around Jan. 29, according to Jiang and another local resident.

Jiang and her students at the River View Yoga Shala studio observed the disc daily. It was the backdrop for classes that practiced yoga in the studio that overlooks the river. For Jiang, the ice disc became part of her daily meditation and exercise.

“Even though it was still, beneath the surface there was always movement,” she said. “Like humans, we all have rhythm. We’re all alive. We’re all connected. Humans, animals, nature.”

Jiang said that last week’s warm temperatures and rainfall caused the ice disc to slowly slide away from its original location. She said it began moving downstream around Jan. 29, and floated about 100 yards before the current pushed it into the bank where it melted.

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