Randy Boivin, top left, Martin Fernald, top right, Bethany Hasson-Meunier, bottom left, Gloria Pressey, bottom right Waterville Police Department

WATERVILLE — Two men and two women will head to court next month after police early Tuesday arrested them in a motel room and found drugs in their possession.

Police learned that Randy Boivin, 38, of Waterville, and Bethany Hasson-Meunier, 30, were in a room at the Budget Host Inn on Kennedy Memorial Drive early Tuesday, and they were not supposed to have contact with each other, according to Waterville police Deputy Chief Bill Bonney.

Hasson-Meunier’s bail conditions required her to have no contact with Boivin. So when officers knocked on the door to the room around 12:26 a.m., Boivin answered and police saw Hasson-Meunier behind him, Bonney said Wednesday.

Officers found two others in the room, Gloria Pressey, 36, of Fairfield, and Martin Fernald, 29, of Waterville, who also were not to have contact with each other, Bonney said.

Fernald’s bail conditions mandated he not have contact with Pressey, whose bail conditions allowed police officers to do a search and test on her, and they found in her possession 1.2 grams of fentanyl and 0.25 grams of meth, Bonney said.

“So they then found and attributed to Randy and Bethany 2.8 grams of fentanyl,” he said, “and Bethany was on bail conditions for furnishing meth. Randy was on probation for drug offenses and Pressey and Fernald were on bail for drug-related offenses.”


Fernald was arrested and charged with violation of conditions of release, Class E, for having contact with Pressey, and Pressey was charged with two counts of possession of unlawful scheduled drugs, both Class C crimes, and violating conditions of release because of the drug possession, Bonney said.

Boivin was arrested and charged with unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs, Class B, because of the amount of fentanyl he had attributed to him and police placed a probation hold on him, Bonney said.

Hasson-Meunier was arrested and charged with violation of conditions of release because she wasn’t supposed to have contact with Boivin, and she was charged with unlawful trafficking in scheduled drugs, Class B, and violation of conditions of release, Class E, Bonney said.

“It’s great work by the patrol officers to be out there trying to keep that poison off the streets,” Bonney said, “and although it’s a small amount, every little bit of fentanyl we get off the street is saving lives because that’s what people are overdosing on. That’s what’s killing people — fentanyl.”

All four were taken to Kennebec County Jail in Augusta, he said. All except Fernald are scheduled to appear April 13 in Kennebec County Superior Court, located in the Capital Judicial Center Court in Augusta, according to Bonney.

He said Fernald is scheduled to appear April 7 in Waterville District Court.

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