When I retired after a full career with the phone company, I had questions about the health care I’d receive as a senior citizen. I’d always enjoyed good benefits, and I didn’t want that quality to decline when I switched to Medicare.

After doing the research, I enrolled in Medicare Advantage, the version of Medicare that allows beneficiaries to choose their own health plan from an array of options. I like having choices, and I was impressed by how many different Medicare Advantage plans exist. Each one presents a different package, but all offer full coverage — which includes prescription drugs as part of the same plan instead of as extra insurance you have to buy.

Ultimately I’ve been very pleased. Going in, my medications are on the plan and I have in-network access to my existing doctors and the local hospital. Today, I pay very little out of my own pocket because my health plan truly fits my needs.

Washington always seems abuzz about health care, especially with an election approaching. But I don’t want anything to change with my Medicare Advantage. This is why I’ll be looking at each 2020 candidate’s stance on this issue and will vote accordingly. I’m sure many seniors across Maine will be doing the same.

Ben Twitchell


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