WATERVILLE — Two men and a woman are scheduled to appear in court in May in connection with a case involving the beating and robbery of a 63-year-old man Tuesday outside his apartment building at the corner of Redington and Summer streets in the city’s South End, according to police.

The three suspects, arrested Wednesday, are:

• Jessica Green, 39, of 28 Redington St., charged with robbery and probation hold. Police said she was already on probation for possession of unlawful scheduled drugs.

• Robert Bishop, 40, also of 28 Redington St., charged with Class A robbery.

• Michael Dicent, 42, of 92 Pleasant St., charged with aggravated assault and robbery.

Deputy Chief William Bonney said Thursday that Waterville police received a call just after 4:30 p.m. Wednesday about a robbery that reportedly occurred the previous evening.

“Jessica Green and Robert Bishop had been essentially extorting a 63-year-old man that has been living in the building on Redington Street,” Bonney said.

Green and Bishop had allegedly been telling the man that they would let him continue to live in the building if he paid them, according to Bonney. Green and Bishop neither own nor manage the building.

When the man did not give them money, Green and Bishop took offense and had another man beat up the 63-year-old victim, according to Bonney.

“They had the friend, Michael Dicent, beat him up and they took his wallet and put him back in the apartment where he lives,” Bonney said.

The man was taken to the hospital, where he was treated for injuries and released, according to Bonney.

Green, Bishop and Dicent were taken to Kennebec County jail in Augusta, where bail was set at $5,000 each for Green and Bishop and $17,500 for Dicent, Bonney said.

They are scheduled to appear in court May 11 at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta.

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