Paul Anderson’s March 17 letter, “Trump critics now in a sad place,” takes Trump’s critics to task for criticizing the president. It’s rare to be able to write this, but Mr. Anderson is 100% wrong about everything in his letter.

President Trump himself has politicized coronavirus, thinking first and only about reelection and the stock market, for months blaming Chinese, Democrats and Californians for the pandemic, and lying at every chance, even with his claim he had a test that showed him negative for COVID-19, changing his story daily.

This isn’t a reality show. This calls for leadership. As for Ebola and H1N1 and the tragic deaths that occurred, every medical professional in the world would rather have the response of the Obama administration. Trump’s inaction means the pandemic is here and millions will suffer. Oh, and the market? That’s whose fault?


Paul Josephson


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