LEWISTON — Officials at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center said the safety and health of patients and staff is the “top priority” after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

Jason Gould, director of marketing and business development for the Saint Mary’s Health System, confirmed Wednesday that a medical provider at the Lewiston hospital had tested positive, and that officials have been working to inform anyone that had come in contact with the individual.

Gould did not elaborate on the provider’s specific role at the hospital, but said the individual “last worked clinically 10 days ago.”

“We are working closely with the epidemiologists with the Maine Department of Health, our infection control team, and our employee health to contact this provider’s clinical contacts, co-workers and patients who may have been exposed,” he said. “The safety and health of our staff and patients is our top priority. “We are following CDC guidelines as we make decisions to combat this disease.”

The Maine Department of Public Health is helping the hospital identify patients and staff who may be directly impacted, and they will be facilitating testing and treatment for those at risk, he said.

Gould said it is important for patients and staff to to remember that “science, data and experience tells us” transmission of COVID-19 “is directly linked to closeness and duration of contact” and “transmission does not occur with incidental contact for short periods of time in spaces greater than six feet.”

On March 21, St. Mary’s Health System, like many major hospitals in the state, put in place a “no visitors” policy, with the exception of people visiting pediatrics, obstetrics, surgery, or end-of-life care.

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