The Patriots are entering a new era with new uniforms.

Beginning with the 2020 season, the Pats will wear their navy-on-navy “Color Rush” uniforms as their new home uniforms. The look was first introduced in 2016 and will be complemented by a similar uniform sporting a white jersey and blue pants for away games. The team unveiled their new uniforms Monday with a video posted across their social media accounts.

In an official release, the team described the change as a step to modernize the Patriots look, a process that started more than two years ago. Jen Ferron, the CMO of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, explained why the team pivoted to a permanent “Color Rush” look.

“As we started to think about the 2020 season and a new decade, we began to envision what we wanted our uniforms to reflect,” Ferron said via the release. “The success of the ‘Color Rush’ uniform that we’ve worn for the past couple of years had us thinking that we didn’t need to make real substantive changes, rather we could make modest changes to our home uniform and then use a complementary version with those same aesthetics for our away uniform.”

The team will retain its silver helmet with the “Flying Elvis” logo. This will prohibit the Patriots from returning to their original red uniforms with a white helmet depicting the old “Pat Patriot” logo. However, Ferron said, the team could use its original reds as an alternate uniform, if the NFL ever changed its rule about clubs wearing only a single style of helmet.

The Patriots are among several teams that have made uniform alterations this offseason.

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