I’d like to commend Hannaford grocery stores — in particular the one on Whitten Road in Augusta, though they are all working together —for its excellent response to the COVID-19 emergency. Workers have remained cheerful and courteous throughout all the changes they are making, often daily, to accommodate the needs of the customers.

I’m impressed with the cheerfulness that they great customers with while they are standing outside in all sorts of weather, and with how patient they are as customers adjust to the new regulations. I’ve seen impatience and rudeness from the customers to the Hannaford staff on several occasions and am appalled that those customers are taking out their frustrations on someone who really can’t do any more for them than they already are.

The staff comes in to work through all types of weather, while dealing with their own worries and families. They smile and are courteous to everyone while they are exposing themselves to people who may be ill, are cranky and often downright rude.

Many thanks to the grocery store staff who enable us to buy our groceries and maintain some semblance of a normal life. We are all in this together and need to remember to thank those who are working daily to keep life going as smoothly as possible.

Nancy M. Kelley


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