It took only one month for Maine to shed over 100,000 jobs and, unfortunately, COVID-19 will continue to hurt Maine for months to come. Many people have lost not only their regular incomes but also their employer-provided health coverage. Now tens of thousands of Mainers are unable to access the health care they need, which could be detrimental to our state’s economy as it fights its way back.

If folks do not have health care, there is a greater chance that if they get sick, they will take longer to recover, and may not be ready to come back to work. Without healthy employees, a business is less likely to be able to fully function and contribute to the economy. A healthy workforce is crucial to our state’s rebound and Congress needs to do everything possible to ensure that America remains healthy.
Republicans see themselves as best suited to move forward the economy. But widespread problems accessing quality health care will lead to physical declines in our workforce and reduce the chances for a strong, “V-shaped” economic rebound.

I’ve always supported Sen. Susan Collins because I see her as a rarity in Washington — someone who thinks ahead and aims to do what is in the best interest of her constituents. I urge Sen. Collins to once again be a leader and to work with your colleagues to pass legislation that allows people to temporarily gain access to health care until they can get back to work. Maine’s economy depends on it.


Cameron West


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