As a medical doctor here in Maine, I have served the people of our state for nearly 40 years, as a Pediatrician working in Skowhegan, Waterville, Farmington, Rockport and Augusta, and as an emergency room doctor in Fort Kent and Calais. Now as a retired doctor, I volunteer here in Maine with the American Red Cross and Maine Responds, and overseas with Operation Smile. Through these years I have been honored to be trusted by thousands and thousands of patients and families, who have believed that I will provide honest, careful, safe and scientifically proven (evidence-based) medical care and advice for their children and loved ones.

I write now to ask you to trust me once again. We are faced with the worst infection-caused worldwide emergency most of us have ever known, and we do not have a vaccine to prevent it or medicine to cure it. What we do have to stop the spread of COVID-19 is not convenient, but it is proven to help. When I wash or sanitize my hands, it keeps me from spreading viruses to things I touch. When I wear a mask, it protects you from germs I may might cough or just breathe out at you. And, when you sanitize and mask up, you protect me, and others around you. I am asking for you to trust me once more, and to consider my advice.

Doing this will help to stop the pandemic. Please help. Stay home and get tested if you are sick. If you are well and you go out, practice social distancing, sanitize, and mask up. Do this for your community. Do this for those you love. Thank you.


Michael Hofmann, M.D.


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