Melissa Mullen

One hundred years ago, after decades of perseverance, American women were finally given the right to vote.

But it almost didn’t happen.

Maine author, Emmy winner and former WMTW-TV anchor Elisa Boxer has just released a children’s book that tells the little-known story of the mother who saved suffrage.

“The Voice That Won the Vote: How One Woman’s Words Made History,” is published by Sleeping Bear Press and illustrated by award-winning artist Vivien Mildenberger.

The book recounts the story of a woman named Febb Burn, whose lawmaker son was the swing vote for suffrage in Tennessee back in 1920. When it looked like suffrage wasn’t going to pass, Febb penned an urgent letter to her son, encouraging him to “vote for suffrage and don’t forget to be a good boy.”

Boxer says as a journalist, she’s always been drawn to stories of unsung heroes. “Febb Burn was someone who dared to express her voice, at a time when most of society told women to keep their opinions to themselves. Her courage led to one of the nation’s biggest wins for women’s rights. I hope this book helps children realize just how much their voices matter,” as stated in a press release.

“The Voice That Won the Vote: How One Woman’s Words Made History” is available wherever books are sold. Signed copies are available from Print: A Bookstore.

More information can be found on the author’s website: