I have yet to meet Chloe Maxmin but she has shown up in my life in rather wonderful ways. It started last winter when I got a phone call from a woman in Whitefield. She was extremely pleasant and wondered if there was anything she could do for me, an elderly woman recently widowed. I was blown away by her kindness, although I was managing well and did not take her up on her offer. It was later that I realized that she was one of Chloe Maxmin’s volunteers willing to do anything from chauffeuring to shopping just to help people.

Since then I have explored to learn more about Chloe Maxmin. She reaches out and works hard in many ways to help and lead us on to a better world. Impressive. We could have no one better running for the Maine Senate where her strong voice will be heard and widely listened to. I hope that you will vote for her, as I will, on Nov. 3. Her leadership is important.

Kirsty Karkow

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