I thought the exposure that Sam Shepherd’s article regarding political signs being stolen would discourage further vandalism, but no such luck in my case (“Hallowell police: Signs for political candidates targeted in string of thefts,” Aug. 27).

Within a span of a few weeks, my son has had to put up a fifth Trump/Pence sign in my driveway. I know there are strong opinions on either side of the presidential race, but freedom of speech should not be the first casualty to fall victim to such behavior.

The Trump/Pence signs were stolen under dark of night. But the person, or persons, responsible didn’t actually have to use “dark of night” to do their foul deed. Because I have limited mobility, I’d be hard pressed to chase them down with my walker — even in daylight hours!

In view of this delinquency, I had considered putting up a companion sign saying: “Thou shalt not steal,” but it would fall on deaf ears — a lot like casting pearls before swine. Sin makes one stupid.

Pat Truman


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