Who will end the rioting?

Finding the answer to this is confusing because we all tend to believe whatever our candidate says and we automatically think the other candidate is lying. Our loyalty convinces us more than facts.

Did you get the email that says that Democratic cities are burning and Biden threatens your security? If you support Trump, you will likely believe this. But if you suspect that today’s political campaigns could involve some deception, the facts below might interest you.

Biden’s record suggests that he is strong on law enforcement. In 1994, he wrote the Senate version of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, the largest crime bill in the United States’ history. It added 100,000 new police officers, and experienced police helped design it.

Biden is a centrist, not a far-left liberal. Ask any Sanders’ supporter. Biden has always focused on practical solutions to problems, and when he figures out how to stop the rioting, he will seek input from all important stakeholders, both the police and Black leaders.

Rioting is caused by the lifelong frustration of people of color who have run into discrimination over and over again. Trump would not stop the rioting, because he is inflaming racism as a campaign tactic, and because he refuses to deal with discrimination. He recently prohibited the executive branch from doing any race-related training.

Yes, law and order is important, but the only way to stop the rioting is to combine law and order with an end to discrimination. Peace does not come until there is fairness and justice.

Racism has divided and harmed our country from the very beginning. It’s time to solve this problem, with a new president who can see both sides of the issue.


Richard Thomas


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