Social media accounts
facebook: debemeryforstaterep

Public education

University of Lowell, BS; University of Maine, MS Educational Leadership; University of New England CAS Administration

Community Organizations:
Healthy Communities of the Capital Area. Vice President of Board of Directors
DFD Russell Medical Center Former Board Member
Volunteer Cary Memorial Library

Personal information (hobbies, etc.):
Hiking, reading, sewing, playing with grandchildren

Family status:


Years in the Legislature: none

Committee assignments (if elected):


1) Are you satisfied with the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic? If yes, why? If not, what do you think should be done instead?
The primary responsibility of the governor is the safety of the citizens. During the pandemic, appropriate choices were made to keep people safe and maintain the economy as best as possible.

2) As the state tries to balance its upcoming budget in light of the reduction in tax revenue because of the pandemic, how would you decrease expenses or increase revenues?
A thorough analysis of both expenses and revenue will be required. I will scrutinize the most effective way to assure all Maine citizens move forward with a vision for the future.

3) How does serving as a local politician in your respective party align with the larger goals of that party?
My platforms align with the Democratic party. The focus continues to be the people of our state. The focus areas are health care, quality education, environmental protections and broadband service.

4) What do you think is the most pressing matter that pertains to the next generation of Mainers who may be voting for the first time?
We must commit to the environmental goals established by the Maine Climate Council to preserve this planet for future generations. Striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 is one goal.

5) Are you frustrated by the political sniping, exaggeration and even lies between the parties and their supporters that have threatened progress usually reached through respect and reasoned compromise? If so, what will you personally do to make the situation better?
When I am elected, I will talk and listen. As an administrator, I worked with families, school boards effectively to make positive decisions for all. I know how to solve conflict and solve problems

6) If you are elected, is there anything in particular that you hope to accomplish? And briefly, why?
In my conversations with voters, I have realized how each town has significant infrastructure needs. We need to continue to place our state in strong standing in order to access federal funds.

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