WINSLOW — After complaints regarding political sign placement and removal in the town of Winslow, Interim Town Manager Paul Fongemie is clarifying the town’s actions from earlier this week.

Fongemie said candidates complained about other candidates’ signs in front of the library and public works building. On Thursday, another candidate complained that signs were within the distance limit of the town office, so Fongemie and Town Clerk/Registrar of Voters Lisa Gilliam removed signs from the town property or that were too close to the town office.

But in so doing, they removed signs from Monument Park, which has been a place where political signs have been allowed in the past.

“As the town manager, I have that right because I control town properties, but in speaking to the lawyer (William A. Lee III) he advised that the ones over at Monument Park on Halifax Street, we’ve always allowed them in the past and that we probably should this year,” Fongemie said. “We apologize if we caused inconvenience for some of the candidates, but it was not done in a political manner.”

Fongemie also said political signs are not allowed within 250 feet of the town office because it is a polling station and place where absentee balloting is done. Some signs were removed that violated that rule.

The town of Winslow does not have a specific ordinance for political signs at Monument Park, but the town council could decide to propose one in the future.

A few Facebook posts on different group pages Friday morning stirred up some attention to the situation.

Candidates may return their signs to Monument Park if they choose.

“If candidates want to reestablish signs at the park, they’re welcome to do so,” Fongemie said.

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