FARMINGTON — Governor Janet Mills turned in her absentee ballot at the Farmington Town Office on Monday, Oct. 19, wearing a mask with the Maine state flag.

“I voted for change, I voted for a return to civility, decency in the American government and in American politics,” Gov. Mills said after casting her absentee ballot.

“We’ve done everything we could within existing law, within existing framework to make a polling place like this one a safe place to be, a safe place to cast your ballot,” Mills said.

The Farmington Town Office has 6-foot spacing reminders on the floor, Plexiglass shields at counters and signs encouraging people to wear face coverings.

“People should understand whatever the press is about other states, what’s going on in other states, Maine is running smoothly at this time and we expect and want it to run smoothly right up until the final count, the final ballot,” Governor Janet Mills said after casting her ballot in Farmington on Monday, October 19. Andrea Swiedom/Franklin Journal

The Governor also said that town clerks will have up to a week ahead of time to begin tabulating ballots to prepare for potentially 57% of Mainers voting by absentee ballots.

“So that gives them extra time to deal with the numbers that will be coming over that last week before the election and that last weekend in particular,” Mills said outside of the Farmington Town Office. “Many clerks’ offices are staying open longer hours. Some of them are staying open on Saturday.”


In regards to rumored voter fraud through absentee ballots, Gov. Mills assured voters that Maine has no record of such allegations through mail-in voting.

“There’s been no evidence of voting fraud. One of the former secretaries of state made that allegation. There was a whole study, it came up with nothing,” Mills said. “Our clerks, our people are of high integrity, high efficiency, intelligence. They know what to question, what not to question and there will be people from both parties, all parties, keeping their eyes on the polls, keeping their eyes on the system and the process. Maine has an excellent record when it comes to integrity when it comes to counting every ballot and avoiding any semblance of fault.”

Before leaving the town office, Mills reminded residents that they can still register to vote on election day in Maine.

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