GARDINER — Gardiner Area High School has reported a probable case of COVID-19 infection.

Superintendent Patricia Hopkins.

Maine School Administrative District 11 Superintendent Patricia Hopkins alerted the public in a letter Monday afternoon, and announced the high school would switch Tuesday to a fully remote learning model.

When reported Monday, it was unclear if the COVID-19 case involved a student or staff member.

“As result of the probable positive case, and the possibility of other students and staff being exposed, Gardiner Area High School will switch to our red mode of operation,” the letter read.

Hopkins wrote that the city’s elementary and middle schools would remain in a hybrid model.

The switch at the high school is scheduled to last until Friday.


“School officials will be monitoring the situation with the CDC (Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention) during the week,” Hopkins wrote. “We will decide on the mode of operation for the week of November 2-6 by the end of the day on Friday, Oct. 30.”

There will be no sports practices this week, and the school’s food pantry will not open, according to the letter.

A total of 58 cases of COVID-19 were reported in Maine on Monday, continuing an increasing trend in the state.

This is the first reported case in the Gardiner school district.

“I understand this is unwelcome news,” Hopkins wrote. “The frustration and challenge it represents is understood. However, ensuring the safety of all students and staff necessitates this temporary change.”

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