Republican Randall Greenwood is returning to the Maine House of Representatives.

Greenwood, 47, of Wales, edged incumbent Kent Ackley, I-Monmouth, for the House District 82 seat on Election Day. Per unofficial results, Greenwood outpaced Ackley by 59 votes — 2,699-2,640 — to return to legislative office.

District 82 covers part of Monmouth and the entirety of Litchfield and Wales.

Voters in Wales largely supported their hometown candidate, 602-278, gobbling up Ackley’s hometown advantage in Monmouth, receiving 1,353 votes to Greenwood’s 1,100.

Greenwood also edged out Ackley in Litchfield, winning 1,096 votes to Ackley’s 1,009.

In other races:


With 10 of 11 precincts reporting, Democrat state Sen. Shenna Bellows received 10,735 votes, or 55%, in her contested reelection bid for District 14 against outgoing Hallowell Mayor Mark Walker. The Republican earned 8,633 votes, or 45%.

District 14 includes Chelsea, Farmingdale, Gardiner, Hallowell, Manchester, Monmouth, Pittston, Randolph, Readfield, West Gardiner and Winthrop.


Incumbent Republican state Sen. Matt Pouliot retained his seat in Senate District 15, which includes Augusta, China, Sidney, Vassalboro and Oakland.

Pouliot, in unofficial results, received 12,146 votes, or 58%, while Democratic challenger Kalie Hess received 8,962 votes, or 42%. He won in each of the district’s five municipalities.

In the district’s largest municipality, Augusta, where both candidates live, Pouliot received 5,159 votes to Hess’s 4,461.

In Vassalboro, Pouliot received 1,552 votes to Hess’ 947; in China he received 1,513 to Hess’s 1,029; in Sidney Pouliot received 1,910 votes topping Hess’ 987; and Oakland voted for Pouliot over Hess by a 2,012 to 1,538 vote.


Democrat Allison Hepler, 64, has won her second term in the Maine House of Representatives with 3,128 votes, or 51%.

She ran against Republican Jeffery Pierce, 58, who was a member of the House from 2014 to 2018. He received 2,966 votes, or 49%.

District 53 includes Arrowsic, Dresden, Georgetown, Phippsburg, part of Richmond, and Woolwich.


With two of three precincts reporting, Democrat Tavis Rock Hasenfus received 1,088 votes, or 56%, while Republican Joseph Pietroski had 870 votes, or 44% for the state House District 81 seat. The district includes part of Monmouth, Readfield and Winthrop.

Incumbent District 81 state Rep. Craig Hickman, D-Winthrop, did not run because he was term-limited out of office.


Incumbent Democratic  Rep. Thom Harnett, 65, won reelection Tuesday in House District 83 with 2,858 votes or 59%, and will serve a second term. Republican challenger Christopher Dilts, 54, earned 2,012 votes, or 41%.

The district encompasses Gardiner, where Harnett, the former mayor, earned 1,906 votes to Dilts’ 1,271; and Farmingdale, which cast 952 votes for Harnett and 741 for Dilts, who is also a Gardiner resident.


Democratic Rep. Charlotte Warren of Hallowell retained her House District 84 seat in a victory against Republican challenger Scott Taylor of West Gardiner.

In all, 3,063 votes or 53% were cast for Warren, while 2,666 votes or 47% were cast for political newcomer Taylor, 66. The district covers Hallowell, West Gardiner and Manchester.

Warren, 50, decisively won her hometown with 1,329 votes to Taylor’s 416 votes. Warren has served as both a city councilor and mayor there.

Taylor, 66, won his own town, collecting 1,429 votes to Warren’s 920.

Manchester voters narrowly favored Taylor, 829 to 814.


In Augusta’s state House District 85 race, Democratic incumbent Donna Doore retained her seat, defeating Republican challenger William Clardy by an unofficial vote of 2,691 to 1,784.

Doore received an overwhelming majority of “central polling” votes, which include absentee ballots, with a total of 2,167 to Clardy’s 955.

Clardy did well with in-person voters in the three wards that include parts of House District 85, with 52 votes to Doore’s 47 in Ward 1, 388 to Doore’s 252 in Ward 2, and 389 to Doore’s 225 in Ward 4.


Republic incumbent state Rep. Justin Fecteau retained his seat in the race for House District 86 in Augusta.

Fecteau, in unofficial results, received 2,384 votes to Democratic challenger Adam Turner’s 1,795 votes.

Fecteau handily got the most votes from in-person voters on Election Day in the voting wards of Augusta that are included in the district, with 408 votes to Turner’s 159 votes in Ward 1, and 658 votes to Turner’s 241 in Ward 3.

Turner received more central polling votes, which include this year’s many absentee ballots, than Fecteau, with 1,395 for Turner to 1,318 for Fecteau.


Jeffery Hanley, 69, successfully secured a fourth term in the Maine House of Representatives. The Republican received 3,117, or 56% of the votes.

He ran against Timothy Marks, 60, a Democrat who served in the House from 2012 to 2014. Marks received 2,419 votes, or 44%.

District 87 includes Alna, Pittston, Randolph and Wiscasset.


Republican Michael Lemelin, 63, has secured his seat on the Maine House of Representatives with 2,842, or 54% of the vote.

He ran against Democrat Christopher Hamilton, 59, who secured 2,446 votes, or 46%.

Hamilton and Lemelin were fighting for the seat of former House member Chloe Maxmin, who won a seat in the state Senate on Tuesday.

District 88 includes Chelsea, Jefferson, part of Nobleboro and Whitefield.

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