Just a couple of courtesy reminders for the holiday season: Please remove the snow from the top of your vehicle.

On Route 3 near Tobey’s a couple of years ago, my wife, daughter and I were traveling at 55 mph when snow and ice from an SUV in front of us came off in one big chunk. It struck our car on the front, then proceeded to completely cover the windshield. I managed to safely bring the car under control and to a stop, despite not being able to see where I was. There was $1,800 damage to our car.

A most disconcerting thing was my conversations with three insurance representatives, one in Connecticut and two in Pennsylvania, each of whom asked, as their first question, if I had gotten the license plate number of the other car. Sorry, I was too busy trying to save my family. Not one asked if anyone was hurt.

Thank you. Merry Christmas, happy New Year, happy holidays. Stay safe.


Bob Woodbury


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