JACKMAN — Sustaining 24/7 care at the Jackman Community Health Center continues to be the Community Health Advisory Team’s main priority and the Annual Fund Drive to help pay for the cost of the paramedic program needs help. The community paramedicine program is a new model that is truly community-based and not hospital-based, and thus takes community funds to operate.

Those who have not already given and are able to donate any amount, it would be appreciated. Donations should be made to the Town of Jackman, 369 Main St., Jackman, ME 04945 and note “After Hours Medical Care” in the memo line.

According to news release from the advisory team, an ad hoc committee of the Town of Jackman, the presence of Northeast Mobile Health Services paramedics has proven to be successful and is progressing well. More paramedics are being hired to ensure sufficient staff to keep 24/7 care for the Moose River Valley and its many visitors.

The two new paramedics are Jason Grey who was born and raised in Maine and lives in Fryeburg. He is a third-generation EMS provider, started on the rescue squad in 1993 and has been a medic since 2004. He has worked in ERs and travelled the world as a Paramedic for Princess cruises. He enjoys hiking, alpine skiing and spending time near or on the water. Skye Carpenter from Skowhegan was once an insurance salesman, left that to be a whitewater raft guide and then an Ed-tech at Carrabec High School. He loves the outdoors and is a kind, compassionate person who takes the time to make everyone he encounters feel seen and heard. He is intelligent, resourceful and can think on his feet to solve any challenges presented to him.

All paramedics will soon begin their studies to earn their Critical Access Integrated Paramedic Certification.

Dr. Patricia Doyle said “We at the Jackman Community Health Center are greatly appreciative of the support from the paramedics in helping our current providers with after-hours care. We are eagerly looking forward to the continued training of the paramedics so they can take on the after-hours care for the community on their own with assistance from remote emergency providers, at some point in 2021.”

Dr. Jonnathan Busko, Medical Director of the Emergency Department of St. Joseph Healthcare who is leading this project, said “We are working with Maine EMS to make sure we have the best possible program to serve the community.”

The Interlocal Paramedicine Operational Oversight Board has been meeting monthly since summer. This board is made up of representatives from Jackman, Moose River, Dennistown and the unorganized territory along with representatives from the Jackman Community Health Center, Jackman/Moose River Fire and Rescue, Northeast Mobile Health Services, Somerset Public Health, PCHC, and St. Joseph Healthcare. At the last meeting, the beginning plans for a three-bay public safety/ambulance garage was presented as there is a need for space for the paramedic mobile vehicle (fly car) and ambulances. Grants and donations are needed to complete the project. It is hoped that ground will be broken in the spring.

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