You may be tired of hearing about elections, but we have another important one coming up in Maine Senate District 14 on March 9. Now that Shenna Bellows is secretary of state, there will be a special election to fill that seat. I urge you to vote for Craig Hickman in this important race.

He has been our representative in Winthrop, as well as Readfield and North Monmouth, for eight years and always worked with integrity, seriousness, and accessibility.

I had occasion last year to testify before a joint committee in which Craig was a member. I feel strongly that we need to get rid of the Electoral College and was there to testify in favor of the National Popular Vote Compact. It is very possible that it could be enacted by enough states to take effect before the next presidential election. It passed in the Maine Senate last year and came nearly passed in the House. Craig supports this and we need his help to get it passed. More information about this compact can be found at

Waiting to testify is usually a long process of listening to other legislation being discussed and then waiting for your turn to testify about your interest. Throughout the process, I saw firsthand how Craig paid careful attention to all who testified and asked excellent questions. I was proud that he was my representative.

I hope everyone in the towns of Chelsea, Farmingdale, Gardiner, Hallowell, Manchester, Monmouth, Pittston, Randolph, Readfield, West Gardiner and Winthrop will join me in voting for Craig Hickman on March 9.

Penny Markley

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