NEWTON, Mass. — Iva Willis, a Lasell University student from New Vineyard, presented at the university’s Fall Career Readiness Symposium in December.

Willis investigated a microbiology “misconception” for MythBusters-style exercise, and findings were summarized to determine whether the “myth” is grounded in scientific fact. The student’s findings were shared through an ePosterboard session at symposium, according to a news release from the university.

The December 2020 event showcased the work of Willis and more than 150 other students in a digital format, a triumph for flexible teaching and learning amid COVID-19. The December 2020 event was reimagined to celebrate and showcase the ties between career preparedness and Connected Learning, because of a three-year grant from the Davis Educational Foundation.

All symposium presentations focused on four of the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ career-readiness competencies: Global and intercultural fluency, professional and work ethic, leadership, and career management.

“The Fall Career Readiness Symposium showcased student work and experiences, especially ways in which students have applied connected learning to develop their careers through internships,” said Provost Eric Turner, according to the release. “The event highlighted competencies in leadership and global/intercultural fluency with an emphasis on ways our students lead and serve by example.”