Sayra Small (left) and Kelli Small (right), co-owners of Farley’s Cannabis Farm in Woolwich, stand with their dog, Farley, the store’s namesake in 2019. Kathleen O’Brien / The Times Record

WOOLWICH — Farley’s Cannabis Farm on Route 1 in Woolwich could become the town’s first recreational marijuana store, contingent on approval from selectmen.

It’s too soon to know when that move will be finalized.

The business is hoping to gain a license to sell recreational marijuana after operating as a solely medical marijuana store since 2019. Sayra Small, co-owner of Farley’s Cannabis Farm, said she isn’t sure whether the store will transition to offering only recreational marijuana or sell both recreational and medical marijuana.

“We’re undecided on when we’re going to make the jump,” said Small. “Just because we have that license doesn’t mean we’re going to use it right away.”

The planning board unanimously approved the business’s application Monday.

“We’re very grateful that the town has allowed us the opportunity to move forward with this,” said Small.


The business will need to gain approval from Woolwich selectmen before the recreational licensing process can continue, but it’s unknown when the selectmen will review the business’s application.

Small said she wants to expand to offer recreational marijuana to make the product available to more people without the requirement of a medical marijuana card.

“I’m a believer that all cannabis is medical, even if people don’t realize they’re using it for medical reasons,” said Small. “I believe that cannabis is a very healing plant; even if people use it to relax or quiet their mind, I consider that medical.”

Residents voted 136-51 during the town meeting in August to allow recreational marijuana retail stores. Although recreational retail stores are permitted in Woolwich, stores can only open on Route 1 between the Taste of Maine restaurant and the Sagadahoc Bridge that connects Woolwich and Bath. The ordinance also sets a three-store limit in town, according to Bill Longley, a member of the Woolwich marijuana ordinance drafting committee.

Field said the planning board hasn’t received any other recreational marijuana store applications other than Farley’s Cannabis Farm.

Although Farley’s Cannabis Farm has a license to sell medical marijuana, that won’t impact the process of gaining a recreational marijuana retail license, said David Heidrich Jr., director of engagement and community outreach in the State Office of Marijuana Policy.

Recreational marijuana retail stores must first get a conditional license from the state. From there, applicants must get local approval before they can circle back for an active license from the state. The Maine Office of Marijuana Policy lists Farley’s Cannabis Farm as “conditional,” meaning it has gained its first approval from the state.

Although Woolwich doesn’t have any recreational marijuana stores yet, the town isn’t far behind the rest of the state. Voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, but Maine’s first recreational marijuana store didn’t open until October 2020.

According to Heidrich, only 16 recreational marijuana stores statewide have received active recreational retail licenses. Statewide, 229 recreational marijuana stores have applied for licenses.

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