United Way of the Tri-Valley Area has launched its United Way Care Card program. Contributed

FARMINGTON — United Way of the Tri-Valley Area has launched the United Way Care Card program to show appreciation for frontline workers — including, but not limited to, grocery store clerks, teachers and healthcare workers.

Cards will also be distributed to individuals in nursing homes and other health care facilities throughout Greater Franklin County.

“The pandemic has taken a toll on our communities and we thought a simple, heartfelt message of gratitude for those most affected is something we could do to make a difference and bring hope,” said Lisa Laflin, UWTVA executive director.

United Way is asking community members to decorate cards supplied by United Way and add an inspirational hand-written message on the inside. Each card is printed with a message of “You Matter,” “You are Stronger Than You Think” or “Thank You for All You Do.”

Many organizations and individuals are collaborating to make this program successful, including Regional School Unit 9’s Interact and Impact clubs; UMF Student Senate; Living and Learning Communities in the UMF Residence Halls; Firehouse Childcare Center; Creative Care Child Center, Franklin County Children’s Task Force 21st Century Program and Maine Families programs; Rangeley Friends of the Arts; University Credit Union employees; and Literacy Volunteers. More help is needed.

Those interested should call United Way at 207-778-5048 or email [email protected].

To learn more about United Way of the Tri-Valley Area programs, events or initiatives, visit uwtva.org, facebook.com/uwtva, call 207-778-5048, or visit 218 Fairbanks Road, Farmington.