Rush Limbaugh was a spokesperson for a conservative point of view in today’s world. He often referred to and pointed out what he saw as the hypocrisy of many liberal media pundits on a variety of subjects. In Saturday’s Morning Sentinel’s “View From Away” editorial about the death of Mr. Limbaugh, the hypocrisy he referred to was never more evident (“Mourn Rush Limbaugh’s death, then bury his shock-jock approach to politics,” Feb. 20).

The editorial taken from the Baltimore Sun was one of the most vicious, vile and vindictive opinions I can remember reading in many years, especially when speaking of a recently deceased person. After 800-plus words full of anger and hate the author ended the diatribe with “long live civil debate.”

Really? Is this what civil debate means today? The author quoted Rush out of context multiple times to support their point of view without seeming to acknowledge that there are almost always two sides to any issue.

As a lifelong registered Democrat, albeit a Kennedy-era Democrat, and as a proud central Maine resident, I found this editorial offensive and completely “uncivil.”  Yes Rush Limbaugh could be crass and yes he was sometimes over the top, but he did not have the market cornered on either of these attitudes.

Both sides of the political spectrum has exhibited these same traits. Maybe now would be a good time to acknowledge that and push back on both sides when appropriate.



Raymond J. Watson


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