After reading the article about the Augusta School District spending $2.6 million to install a turf field, I had to shake my head in disbelief on the priorities that people place in life, especially after all that has been going on this past year with the COVID-19 pandemic (“Augusta gets $1.6 million donation for artificial turf field, other work at Cony’s Alumni Field,” Feb. 12).

Just a day earlier, there was a story about four cafeteria workers being laid off because fewer kids are coming to school and fewer meals are being served (“Drop in meals served in Augusta schools results in lunch staff layoffs,” Feb. 11). Total savings to the school district? About $55,000.

I know most of the money for the field is donated funds, but a lot of people are facing tough times lately. The jobs these four people lost may be the only thing keeping their families’ heads above water.

I don’t think anyone would have any issues if some money was diverted from the turf project to get these people back to work until things return to normal. Besides, all the sports that would be played on that nice new field are being cancelled.

Haven’t all the hardships we have seen people face this past year taught us what is really important in life? Let’s make sure we’re all OK. Fake grass can wait a year.


Michael Garguilo


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