CANAAN — Voters at Canaan’s annual Town Meeting Saturday night moved through a 30-article warrant in little more than 30 minutes, approving a $1.36 million budget and tweaking a couple of proposed expenditures.

Thirty-five people turned out for the meeting, held at the fire station, according to Town Clerk Denise Stetkis.

Elections are scheduled for 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday at the Town Office.

Incumbent selectmen Jeffrey Clarke and Daniel Harriman are among four people running for three 0ne-year seats on the Board of Selectmen. Mary-Anne MacArthur and Charles Worcester also are candidates for the seats.

Incumbent Road Commissioner Michael Robinson Jr. is running unopposed for a one-year term, and three candidates are running for five seats on the Planning Board for two-year terms. They include incumbent Paula Robinson, Don Decker and Jeffrey Peterson. Stetkis said the two other seats will be filled by write-in votes.

At Saturday’s Town Meeting, the only request not approved proposed giving $100 to the Maine Public Broadcasting Network, which voters rejected, according to Stetkis.


Voters were also asked to spend $1,500 for the American Red Cross, but approved $750 — the same amount approved last year.

Residents were asked to choose whether the town should pay 100%, 75% or 70% of the health insurance costs for three full-time town employees. Voters opted to cover 75%, according to Stetkis.

At 100%, the cost would have been $40,267. At 75%, the cost will be $30,200. And at 70%, the cost would have been $28,187, according to the warrant article.

Voters also were asked if they wanted to spend $12,730 to support two weeks of Day Camp Podooc at Lake George Regional Park or $8,695 for one week of camp. They chose to fund two weeks, according to Stetkis.

Voters also approved spending $361,530 on town expenses; $175,000 for road improvements including the paving of Moores Mill Road and Whitten Road; $172,700 for winter roads; $131,000 for solid waste reduction; $107,000 for summer roads; $73,000 for the Fire Department; $52,570 for the library; $35,983 to pay the lease on the 2018 plow truck; and $27,819 to pay the lease on the 2021 plow truck.

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