I support L.D. 926, the Act to Ban Biological Males from Participating in Women’s Sports. From a scientific and legal perspective, this bill is both fair and just.

Multiple studies, including in the Journal for Medical Ethics, concluded that biological males have a clear advantage over biological females in athletic competition. Even after a year of transitioning, there is not a significant loss of muscle mass or bone density. Males also have a larger lung capacity.

Legally, it boils down to what the definition of Title IX is. Title IX was created to protect equal educational opportunities for the sexes, including athletic opportunities. Transgenders want the definition to include gender identification. This is discriminating against females. There is a lawsuit in Connecticut awaiting a decision concerning three female athletes that participate in high-school track. They lost out on multiple medals to boys transitioning to girls.

There hasn’t been a case in Maine of a biological female losing to a transgender female in athletic competition. But it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It is also possible that biological girls can beat transgender girls, but biological boys will have a structural advantage after puberty. While I agree that transgender athletes should be able to compete, the solution ought not to jeopardize women’s opportunities.

A recent poll found that a majority of Americans support a ban on transgender athletes competing in women’s sports. We should pass L.D. 926 to level the playing field for the support of women athletes.


Kevin Landry


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