UNITY — Friends of Lake Winnecook, together with the Waldo County Soil & Water Conservation District, will conduct a Unity Pond Watershed Survey on Saturday, May 22. 

The survey is meant to locate erosion sites and possible sources of sediment contamination in the watershed that may be having an impact on the pond’s water quality.

This survey is to be conducted by local volunteers assisted by technical experts. Although most of the survey fieldwork is to be conducted on May 22, some follow-up fieldwork also may occur in June and into August.

Such locally led watershed surveys have been used throughout Maine to document threats to water quality. The information gathered will be used to give a better handle on possible sources of pollution to Unity Pond, provide opportunities for addressing problem sites, and gather information needed to apply for grant funds that can be used to fix priority problems.

The information gathered is not to be used for any enforcement purposes. Landowner participation is voluntary. Those who do not want their property surveyed can contact the Friends of Lake Winnecook.

For more information, contact the nonprofit at 207-948-3490 or visit lakewinnecook.org.




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