As the column headlined “Dark money erodes our trust in democracy – Maine’s senators can restore it” highlights (May 13), Mainers have lost their faith in the American election system. Wealthy corporations and other special interests have stolen voting power from Mainers and citizens nationwide.

It’s time we put this power back where it belongs: in the hands of the American people. I echo the author’s sentiment: “Addressing dark money is not a partisan issue.” The integrity of our democracy is not a partisan issue.

The For The People Act would help citizens to reclaim this power by requiring greater transparency around campaign financing. Moreover, the act includes provisions such as automatic voter registration and simplified absentee voting that would make it easier for citizens on both sides of the aisle to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

In her 2020 Senate race, Susan Collins’ constituents witnessed directly the power that dark money has over federal elections. I urge her to take action in support of the For The People Act — or risk losing her longstanding reputation as a champion of bipartisanship.


Lotte Parsons


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