I have worked at Central Maine Power for 45 years and have seen many changes in the energy industry. The biggest need for change I see now is the need to support Maine’s clean energy goals. Allowing the state to take over CMP and create a politically based company will slow this process for years, if not kill it outright.

With the knowledge, expertise and commitment to Maine’s future that those of us at CMP bring to the table, we are much better suited to moving this critical effort forward than some new management company who is unfamiliar with the state and who works for a political board of directors.

CMP is part of one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world, investing in green hydrogen and other energy solutions. Maine stands to benefit from this affiliation. A nonprofit utility will not be able to invest in Maine’s future at the same level as a private company when the need to do so is critical.

Rhonda Gillespie


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