I really liked reading Liz Mockler’s June 2 letter, “GOP votes against Jan. 6 investigation.” I couldn’t agree more about her statements directed at Mitch McConnell. He’s just one of Trump’s zeros. I realize the investigation will take time and officials get to the bottom of it and those convicted get fully what they deserve. These people are not true Americans. Do you think a truly religious Catholic would attack the Vatican?

The Capitol is to be considered a shrine. Those Republican Trump supporters were enticed by Donald Trump. Sorry, I can’t call him president — in my eyes he was no president of mine. He created a Republican cult. Trump brainwashed his Republican followers, stating the election was rigged and stolen. If so, who stole it, where is it, where’s the proof? 

That incident on Jan. 6 was viewed by the world and gave America a black eye that will go down in history thanks to Donald Trump. I can only hope and pray that he is never allowed to hold any public office of any kind again.

Eddie Cowan


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