There is always hope. Hope has synonyms: courage, anticipation, and expectation. Hope does not just live in people. Hope is a real tangible force for good in this life. Hope make survivors from victims. Hope makes people act against insurmountable odds and triumph. Hope prays when events and circumstances are formidable. Hope brings up resilience beyond the trauma.

Hope makes one stand against the many. Hope is powerful because hope has time on its side! Time past proved that our enduring hope was correct. Time future will demonstrate the fulfillment of our anticipated expectations. Light is still stronger than darkness. Love is more influential than hate. Hope can endure when depression sucks the energy out of everything.

The sun will rise in the morning. The red blood will course through our tired bodies. Hope shall empower us to endure until a positive desirable change comes. Find yourself a healthy dose of hope.

Juneteenth becoming a national holiday in 2021 is witness to the tearful arrival of hope for formerly enslaved Americans. There is always hope!


James Weathersby


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