Re: “Gardiner area community in uproar over AP summer reading book list” (June 18), this Gardiner resident is also in an uproar, not because of the content of the list, but because of the reaction of the superintendent and the school board to do away with the suggested list, choosing to label it as something it is not: a promotion of critical race theory.

What the list does promote is critical reading and thinking, skills that align with the College Board objectives for an Advanced Placement course.  Students are instructed to read material that may be considered controversial and analyze the effectiveness of the author’s ability to persuade their audience. It offers an opportunity for the student to explore a point of view, an exercise that is meant to be an introduction, not a “dangerous “ indoctrination to a particular perspective.

My granddaughter will be a member of this class.  It is my sincere hope that she chooses one of the books on the original list. I, myself, intend to  read several to broaden my own awareness.

I am most appreciative of the efforts put forth by Ms. Hardy and the high school English faculty to provide the AP students with the opportunity for such a reflective, relevant exercise. How unfortunate that a small, but vocal minority, turned a valuable learning experience into political theater.

Susan Shaw

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