Re: “Gov. Mills says she ‘will not allow’ Skowhegan’s Sappi paper mill to close over recent dam concerns” (Aug. 26):

Unfortunately, nowhere in this story was there even a passing mention of the substantial contribution of the four hydroelectric dams to avoiding greenhouse-gas emissions over the past 100 years and into the future. In spite of daily stories of flood, fire and ocean warming (especially in the Gulf of Maine) that are so clearly linked to the hundreds of millions of barrels of fossil fuels burned daily, people seem to think reducing global warning is somebody else’s problem.

Take away the dams to help salmon migration? Stop the Central Maine Power corridor (and future transmission lines) to save some forest? Present climate trends will likely drive all salmon northward or worse, along with lobster and countless other species that indirectly impact our own survival.

News item from Cook Inletkeeper in Homer, Alaska, in 2019: “CLIMATE CRISIS SENDS STREAM TEMPERATURES OFF THE CHARTS …  Alaska’s salmon are suffering too. On July 7, stream temperatures topped 81.7 F in the Deshka River, a major salmon stream … .”

This climate situation is already extremely serious. Try to be a part of the solution, not of the problem.

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