I don’t recall Mike Tyson being a philosopher. By the time the Tyson era emerged, I’d thrown in the towel  regarding any further interest in prizefighting. But a recent post noted this elegant observation: “Everyone has a plan — until they get punched in the mouth.”  Succinct, that.

It was attributed to President Biden’s highly criticized, much-maligned withdrawal from Afghanistan. I replied, “And like a Tyson fight, there was no way it was going to end without pain. But unlike his predecessors, Biden at least had the courage to step into the ring, and stop the fight, while the crowd booed the decision.”

Bush Jr. of course launched the whole Afghanistan adventure — egged on by Cheney and Rummy.  Obama happened to be in office when we (Navy Seals, actually) whacked Bin Laden. Game over? Nah — he stepped up activity. Trump, doubtless imagining Afghan golf resorts, made a deal of some sort with the über-trustworthy Taliban. After all, he’s the master of “the art of the deal” — especially with like-minded criminals. The scale of corruption (a trillion-plus) was never before imagined, even by Trump.

As “mounting criticism” of Biden’s awkward withdrawal continues, let’s at least recognize him for being the commander-in-chief with the chutzpah to get us the hell out.  Bruised, battered and taking the heat — he steadfastly and courageously stands behind his decision — and so do I.

History will make clear that, ultimately — we are all responsible for Afghanistan. We should all feel embarrassed and guilty. Because we are.


Buddy Doyle


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