I was recently reading the Central Maine Sunday paper, and I saw the article “Longtime nurse vows to quit job rather than get vaccine,” Aug. 21).

I took exception to a sentence in your article: “Given her stance, which flies in the face of some scientific studies and public health advice.”

Your use of the word “some” suggests that there are valid scientific studies and reputable public health advocates saying that vaccines are dangerous and not good for our community.  This is not the case. I challenge you to find a reputable source decrying vaccines, aside from purported nurses on YouTube.

I think you should have at least used the word “most,” if not “nearly all” instead of “some,” if you could not bring yourself to use the word “all.”

I’m happy to hear what people who aren’t getting vaccinated think, and why they think it, but don’t misrepresent the actual facts surrounding their opinions. It is disinformation.


Nicholas DuRocher


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