The Oct. 21 editorial about Sen. Angus King should have been on the front page (“Our View: Maine’s Sen. King sounds alarm on democracy in danger”). This warning serves as a reminder that the people’s fundamental right to vote needs to be heard loud and clear in this state and country.

Democracy is the soul foundation of what makes this country strong and great, and the right to vote is the mortar. Once that begins to be chipped away, the foundation is weakened and is susceptible to crumble. We must keep our democracy strong against those who try to weaken it.

My voice as a voter must be heard and not suppressed. Americans need to open their mouths to be fed the truth. Republicans and Democrats must work together to make sure all voters can vote, lest they forget the people’s fundamental right to vote and that voters may be held back from voting for themselves. If you bite the hand that feeds you then you are starved.

I am truly scared for my country and its security. As democracy is crumbling, it leaves our nation vulnerable to its enemies.


Judy Ducharme


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