The new CMP substation on 1228 Main Street in East Wilton. Submitted photo

AUGUSTA —Central Maine Power (CMP) customers in Wilton can expect improved power reliability, as the company completes work on a new substation on 1228 Main Street in East Wilton. This new substation replaces a more than 50-year-old facility on Temple Road in Wilton.

“We’re committed to building a stronger, smarter grid for Maine,” said Joe Purington, CMP president and CEO. “Each and every upgrade makes a difference, and for these customers in Wilton, this new substation means improved power reliability they can count on.”

The East Wilton substation was constructed as part of CMP’s ongoing plan to modernize substations across the company’s 11,000 square mile service area. Construction on the facility began in August 2020 and was supported by approximately 30 Maine-based contractors. Additional buffering and vegetation will be planted in Spring 2022.

The new substation replaces an aged facility built in the mid-1900s on wood poles that now are significantly leaning, which poses a safety and system reliability risk. This East Wilton Substation has enhanced remote monitoring capabilities and connects directly to CMP’s Control Center in Augusta, enabling more responsive operations. The new design is also more weather-resistant and reduces the likelihood of animals encountering energized components and disrupting power.