How would it be if the state-run media was your single source of information about any action in Ukraine, or elsewhere? All other sources (radio, TV, social media, newspapers and magazines) have been shut down. That’s how it is now in Russia. The words “war” and “invasion” are forbidden. Instead, what is going on is a “limited military operation.”

Our friends in Kotlas (Waterville’s Sister City) must either believe that news source, or keep quiet, or get arrested and jailed for protesting. Furthermore, government spying on social media, emails or mail can also get our friends in trouble.

The label “Nazi” has evil overtones for every Russian. Their World War II experience of the Nazi invasion was terrifying. Every city has its memorial to that war in which so many Russians lost their lives. Yet official Russian media is saying that the country is fighting Nazis in Ukraine. That, despite Zelensky being Jewish, and having lost many of his family in the Nazi Holocaust!

Propaganda such as this is nothing but lies with a purpose. Putin’s purpose appears to be rebuilding the Soviet empire, as Hitler’s purpose was building the Third Reich. Yet citizens of any country must be on guard, ours included.

Instead of lies and war, we could continue to communicate with our Kotlas friends. By maintaining such friendships we can perhaps build a better world.


Peter Garrett


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